Troywell is the first Free VPN


Available for:

Access to information from anywhere in the world

In order to prevent the capture of users from the country or region to the full set of resources. How to bypass website blocking through VPN? Requires widespread VPN to unblock sites, which can be implemented with a single click. Bypassing the blocking of Roskomnadzor is no longer a problem!

Maximum protection against ads, trackers and other malware

We believe that advertisers should not have access to your data. When you connect to Troywell VPN, your IP address is masked so that cybercriminals and advertisers cannot track you online. Fine-tuning allows you to adapt it to any task, as well as install safe browser extensions. Instead of wondering if Yandex browser is safe, just install the Troywell Adblock extension and you will become truly invulnerable!

Bypass any restrictions by location for Youtube and other streaming services

Streaming services use your location data to select the content available to you. However, when you’re in another country or traveling, you can’t even start some services, let alone browse. This is where Troywell VPN comes to the rescue – a program or extension to bypass blocking sites in Yandex browser, Chrome (Chrome), Opera!

Unlimited content access

Download and install the extension right now!

Take your web surfing to the next level: safe, fast and free. With TroyWell any content will become available.


  • One-click security
  • Simple, convenient setup
  • Only server proxies
  • For those who appreciate convenience and simplicity


  • Manual setting
  • Even more servers, locations
  • Mobile proxies
  • Advanced functionality and the ability to change settings "for yourself"

Troywell VPN is an extension that will keep you safe and private online

High speed without limits and restrictions

Anywhere in the world, Troywell will provide you with a secure and fast connection.

We only use whitelisted IPs

Now you can be sure that your account will not be "banned", and a video conference, stream or an important call will not be interrupted and will be anonymous.

Revolutionary Encryption Methods

Latest generation data encryption methods - ensure cyber security wherever you are!

It's free!

We want to make the Internet accessible to everyone, so just install our VPN and enjoy - completely free!

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Over 50K users have chosen Troywell VPN

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What is a VPN?
VPN - virtual private network, which, with the help of a secure network, provides users with anonymous access to any resource on the Internet.
Why do I need a VPN?
It can help you change your IP address to bypass blocking, securely encrypt your personal data, shop online safely, and much more.
How do I use a VPN?
Download and install the add-on, and then in the control panel, click the icon that appears. In the dialog box, click the activation button. Before you do this, clear your browser of cookies, history, etc.
How safe is Troywell?
Thanks to strong encryption, the plugin "disguises" your data on the web. Now you'll be safe from fraudsters.
Can I download a VPN for free?
Yes, the product is completely free.