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VPN for Chrome

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Troywell VPN is a free modern VPN extension, with an advanced encryption algorithm, for Google Chrome

VPN for Chrome

Anonymity on the Net

The extension hides the user’s IP address, so when you visit resources, your privacy and anonymity are always respected. Access the resources you’re interested in freely through another country’s IP using more than 50 of our servers.

Access to blocked resources

With the extension you can visit any resources, even those blocked by geolocation:

  1. Social media.
  2. Regional sites.
  3. Torrents.
  4. Messengers.
  5. 18+ sites.

If you connect via VPN, you will not be able to track your actions on the site.

Stable connection

Troywell VPN has many servers around the world, which means the connection will be fast and seamless.

100% safe

No one can get access to your confidential data: passwords, details, correspondence. When working via VPN – the user is fully protected from fraud and data leakage.

Hides traffic

The user’s geolocation remains hidden, thanks to the location of the server and IP address in another country. All outgoing traffic is hidden from detractors and the ISP.

Secure Wi-Fi

When surfing the Internet via wifi in a cafe, mall, or park, a VPN filters out dangerous sites and malware. Surfing the web becomes safer and more enjoyable.

VPN for Chrome

Data encryption

Thanks to modern and advanced encryption system in Troywell VPN, outgoing and incoming information is hidden from scammers and hackers. VPN for Chrome will help hide your search history and provide anonymous browsing.

Ending Tracking

Robust encryption protocols protect user data and files, no one else can invade your privacy.

Props protection

Card data, phone numbers, online purchases will remain completely confidential. Install a VPN and forget about intrusive advertising calls and messages.

Three free versions of Troywell VPN

Перейди на новый уровень серфинга в Сети: безопасный, быстрый и бесплатный. 


  • Includes 25+ geolocations. Connection is made through a proxy server.


  • Includes proxy, wifi and mobile proxy connections.
VPN for Chrome

Bonus system for users

  • When you download either version, you get bonuses from Troywell Diamonds
  • When purchasing products, the user receives bonuses. The system works without additional installation of plugins and registration.
  • When you download any of the versions, a coupon system is available. A product discount or promo code is automatically applied. The user no longer needs to search for and understand the system of promo codes. Customers also get bonuses for applying a promo code.

Why download a free VPN extension for Chrome?

Multiple VPN locations

Once enabled, select any server from the list of countries to access a site blocked by geolocation

Privacy of personal information

Troywell uses current encryption protocols, which guarantees reliable protection against hacking and fraud.

Connection security

The extension ensures complete confidentiality and anonymity of information. Our customers are fully protected from being tracked.

Strong encryption

VPN has strong information encryption protocols that will hide your traffic and make your personal data inaccessible to third parties.

Good speed and throughput

Due to the huge number of servers, the connection will always be fast and stable, without failures and interruptions.

Instant access to your favorite resources

Download and install a VPN for Chrome so you can easily access your favorite blocked web resources again.

Live and streaming broadcasts

Organize and watch live broadcasts and streams without interruption. Our VPN is a guarantee of uninterrupted and high-quality Internet.

Compatible with any device

VPN can be installed on a computer or laptop with any OS, and the gadgets get reliable protection.

High speed

Download movies, games, torrents - no speed limits and enjoy new media, gaming and free communication.

24/7 Support

VPN plugin for Google Chrome users can always contact technical support if they have any questions about downloading, installing and using the product.

User Reviews

Over 50K users have chosen Troywell VPN


What is the best free VPN for Chrome?
Troywell VPN is a revolutionary free service for Chrome, which provides quality services to use the virtual part of the network at home and at work on PC, and mobile. For customers, the company guarantees the quality of information transfer, excellent speed, removal of regional restrictions. VPN will help protect your device from hacking, and surfing the Internet will become completely anonymous and safe.
How do I download a VPN to Chrome?
On the official website of Troywell VPN it is possible to download one of the versions of VPN, which is suitable for work and entertainment. All versions are free of charge.
How do I choose the right country?
Choose any country from the list and connect. To change the country - disconnect from the previous connection and connect a new one.
How do I install a VPN for Chrome?
1. Install Troywell VPN in Chrome Store . .
2. Restart.
3. Open the extensions panel.
4. Add a VPN to it (if it's not there).
4. Click connect.
5. Use with pleasure!
How do I turn on a VPN in Chrome on my phone?
Troywell VPN has a free mobile trial. Download the extension on your phone and install the app.